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Thanks for Visiting Dukas Auto Repair! Dukas Auto Repair has been in business since 1976. It is currently run by George Dukas.

We are a Bumper to Bumper certified shop with ASE Master Techs certified to work on your vehicle. All of our work is guaranteed for a minimum of 24 months or 24,000 miles. For more information on our guarantee click here.


With Summer temperatures fluctuating take time to have your car inspected. Weak batteries will fail in extreme temperatures. Proper tire inflation and antifreeze strength are all very important to remain safe.

Vehicle inspections take less than thirty minutes and some
of the recommendations that are made in preventative maintenance can save you
breakdowns, repairs, towing, and the aggravation of it all. We strongly
recommend that you take the time to have
your vehicle inspected, before hitting the road.

Radiator Flush: The coolant in your radiator doesn’t last
forever. Over time it can break down and start to corrode the inside of your
radiator. This can lead to cooling problems and radiator repair. A radiator
flush once a year is cheap insurance against radiator repairs and overheating.

Replace Your Air Filter: You should replace your air filter
at least once per year.

Tire Checks: Winter traveling could mean driving in conditions ice or heavy snow. The tread on your tires must be adequate for all conditions or you
could end up in a ditch or worse. Checking the tread depth, looking for
excessive wear and making sure the tire pressures are correct takes minimal

Inspect Your Brakes: It’s a good idea to inspect your brakes
twice a year just to be sure everything is up to par.

Check Your Battery: Corrosion is very likely to build up
during winter weather driving. Check your battery posts and cables to ensure
you’ll have no starting problems.

Check Your Lights: Not only is it unsafe to drive with
lights out, but you can get a ticket